Cloud Security

To maximize cloud builder choice, Trend Cloud One includes

Workload Security

Runtime protection for workloads (virtual, physical, cloud, and containers)

Container Security

Image scanning in your build pipeline

Application Security

Security for serverless functions, APIs, and applications

Network Security

Cloud network layer IPS security


Cloud security and compliance posture management

File Storage Security

Security for cloud file and object storage services

Open Source Security by Snyk

Visibility and monitoring of open source vulnerabilities and license risks

Cloud Visibility

Inspect your environment in minutes, gain insight into threats, and remediate – all with one platform.

Network One detects the unknown and protects the unmanaged with

Network Vulnerability Protection

Protect against known, unknown, and undisclosed vulnerabilities in your network far beyond just IPS

Network Analytics

Runtime protection for workloads (virtual, physical, cloud, and containers)

Zero Trust Based Access Control (SASE)

Runtime protection for workloads (virtual, physical, cloud, and containers)

Adaptive Solutions for Operations Technologies

Gain situational awareness across OT, IT, and CT

Network Security

As part of the Trend Micro One unified cybersecurity platform, Trend Micro Workforce One™, protects your endpoints, email, mobile, web, and more.

Apply multiple layers of protection across endpoint, email, web, and software as a service (SaaS) applications to defend your users regardless of device, application, network, or location.

Solution brief: Trend One

Maximum protection against evolving threats

A blend of cross-generational protection defends against the evolving threat landscape, using the right technique at the right time

  • Gain advanced threat and data protection capabilities, including exploit protection, application control, behavioural analysis, machine learning, EDR, and MDR


  • Get superior protection againes spam, phishing, malware, and targeted attacks at the mail server, gateway, and for SaaS-based.


  • Secure physical and virtual desktops, laptops, and mobile devices and ensure secure access to the web and web-based applications.

Endpoint Security

Defend the endpoint at every

Cloud Apps

Advanced threat and data protection for Microsoft Office 365, Google Workspace, and other cloud services

Email Security

Stop more phishing, ransomware, and fraud attacks by using a cross-generational blend of threat

Web Security

Protect from internet threats, gain control over cloud