Motadata AIOps is a platform for enterprises to enable their IT teams with context to prevent service disruptions in complex, modern IT environments. Unify data-collection, full-stack monitoring and remediation by ingesting metrics, dependency data, events, and traffic & logs data. Gain visibility into network components across all cloud and on-premises systems to immediately alert, isolate and resolve any network issue before it affects IT service delivery.

Mota Agent

Agent-based data collection with granularity as low as 1 sec

Mota Mapper

Run-time dependency scanning for Topology, correlation & RCA

Mota Store

Index-less, Type-less, and Schema-less Datastore

Mota AI

AI/ML-powered anomaly detection and forecasting for capacity planning

Motadata AIOps – Network Observability

Motadata’s Network Observability provides complete visibility into an organization’s network through continuous data collection and AI-driven correlation. It processes a wide range of data collected from cloud networks & services, SD-WAN, hybrid networks, and many more. Monitor across on-prem and cloud infrastructure and isolate events from logs, metrics, traffic, and streaming data for enhanced observability.

Key Features

  • Monitor metrics, traffic, streaming and log data
  • Baselining on KPIs and traffic data
  • Automated network topology mapping and analysis
  • In-depth Dependency data mapping
  • AI-driven Correlation
  • Built-in Anomaly detection and forecasting
  • Quicker RCA  with cross-domain correlation
  • Built-in Automation  runbook engine
  • Extend capabilities with custom Plugins
  • Intelligent Alerting

Motadata AIOps – Infrastructure Monitoring

A unified platform for monitoring, log indexing, visualizing, and alerting events across a hybrid infrastructure. It enables IT leaders to deliver business outcomes through data-driven decisions. Our broad coverage, simplified deployment, and easy-to-use interface help the IT and DevOps teams to troubleshoot on-prem and cloud infra issues more effectively.

Key Features

  • Agent-based and Agent-less monitoring
  • Broad monitoring coverage including public cloud
  • One agent for metrics, packets, logs data
  • Dependency mapping & correlation
  • Intelligent alerting powered by AI
  • Anomaly detection and baselining of data
  • Pre-define dashboard, templates & reports
  • Dynamic log parsing & indexing
  • Scale to billions of metrics
  • Policy-driven automated asset baseline
  • Log collection and processing
  • Dynamic report builder

Motadata AIOps – Log Analytics

Collect, analyze, monitor, and visualize the log data for rapid investigation, troubleshooting, and higher-level analytics with Motadata Log Analytics. Its collection methods unify logs, metrics, and streaming data for a centralized view. As logs are forwarded, Motadata clusters the received log data in real-time and intelligently surfaces trends in log activity.

Key Features

  • AI based alerting to detect anomaly on log patterns
  • Agent-based and Agent-less log collection
  • Log clustering in real-time
  • Log pattern analytics across millions of logs
  • Search, filter, and analyze logs on the fly
  • Log live trail to access any log in real-time
  • Dynamic log parsers to enrich logs
  • Auto-parsing for network, infra, cloud and JSON logs
  • Custom log parsing apps support